Game Concepts

The game concept in its simplest form is the vision of your game put on paper in an easy to understand manner so that everyone involved will be on the same page, know exactly what the game is and what it will take in order to create it


Involved for decades in the casino Industry and having worked for word class content providers and product owners our team is well equipped with coming up with unique, original, attractive and awesome concepts which our art and development team translate into immersive games for players across different regions.

Utilize our concept team to come up with unique concepts for you and also present the ready to use concepts from our Concept Pool.

Consistent output and quality is credited to well defined process. Providing detailed information for all the relevant stakeholders and something the team can revert back to when they need answers for a question.

Concept encapsulates

Core idea – Beginning of the game concept. Just a few paragraphs describing the game and what it is, a quick overview of the story, the universe and the type of characters. Elaboration on the key elements with perspective of the overall game and what the player will be doing and the flow.

Background concepts – The universe & environment in which the game will play to set the connection between the player and the game concept.

Symbols concept – The flow and universe gives input towards the characters of the game that will be telling the story to the player during the game play

Game Design Document – Documenting and placing all the modules together give the GDD a guide book for the stakeholders all through the game lifecycle.